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If art is a reflection of yourself, then nothing good is gonna come from it. Unless you're ready to become a masterpiece.

To get back into the groove after a traumatic loss,
Maja starts a new job as a preschool teacher.
And somewhere among these children
lies the key to a strange future
that's much closer than she thinks...

👾 Bleep-bloop.

~2 hours of playtime.
Created within 26 days for NaNoRenO 2019.
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I...can't...CUTE OVERLOAD!!!!!! Not even 20 minutes into this VN and already (Nova) has me on high alert with cuteness and expressions (puffing of the cheeks)..Need more children in VN's...Again CUTE OVERLOAD!!!!!!

Lovely artwork, expressive characters and an interesting story.  The best thing to come out of this NaNoReNo that I'm aware of.  The giga-twist at the end is an interesting decision, but there was just enough foreshadowing to pul it off.


I love the incredibly expressive artwork! So well done.

Also, the story is delightfully mind bending. I really loved the distinctive voices for all the children and the way their art expressed what they were feeling at a given moment (I think. I got the worst ending, so maybe I was totally off there). Then I loved how I could less and less trust my own perceptions until well...the ending. (Which wasn't a surprise so much as something that felt organically right with the story.) Great job!

Wanna see the sequel to this!!!!

How many endings does this have?

(1 edit) (+1)

This type of story is my (not so) guilty pleasure! Once I stared reading, I couldn’t stop; I had to know what was happening. I really got to love each kid in the short amount of time we get with them (side note, Noel is my favorite!).  Trying to figure out their thoughts and feelings through their drawings was a really neat element.


First I must admit I came here for the art hahah! But as I started the game up, I got sucked right in the story. It's got the right amount of everything. I really enjoyed myself.

 I meant to just try this out for a bit and continue later, but I just had to know what's going on!

Also I, too, fumbled my way ass backwards to the true ending. First the worst and then the bad one. Nice.



Writing realistic child characters is difficult, but in this game they were very believable! I pretty much instantly cared about all of them, especially Noel and Nova. I also loved the little details in the children's unique art styles!

I got the worst ending first, then slowly worked my way up, and it really made me appreciate the occasional foreshadowing. 

Excellent work, thank you for creating such an enjoyable experience!


Thank you so much!! I attempted a lot of things I wasn't used to writing at all, so I'm really really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience. The children's drawings are one of my favorite parts too, the different artists gave the kids so much personality that I couldn't have achieved just on my own.

[screaming noises in the distance because aaaaaaaaa I loved Robot Daycare so much and I'll really have to check out your other games too]


The bright, cute art, along with the subtle unsettling feeling that something isn't quite right from the beginning gave me Doki Doki flashbacks (except it's with smol kids and showing off crayon drawings) The B&W 'flashes' also absolutely terrified me, I think I need some time to recover haha. I enjoyed how most of the choices are influenced by the child vs grown-up perspective too, though the story took another turn at the end. Will the game still be continued after this since it feels like there's more?


Thank you so much for playing & commenting! I've always loved cute art being used to explore deeper themes, so Doki Doki is a super iconic game for me and definitely among my top inspirations to get back into VN development.

Right now it's still too early to say when it'll happen, but the sequel bait at the end does mean I'm actively planning more games in this 'series.' ^__^


this really rocked my socks off...


Much appreciated, thanks so much! :D